Photo by: Brandon Hambright

Summit Stables at dusk. (Photo: Brandon Hambright)

Welcome to Summit Stables!

Blue Bee Cider, located in Richmond, Virginia, is the state’s first urban cidery and has pioneered many cider styles in Virginia (hopped, smoked, fruit-infused, and more). Founded in 2013, Blue Bee began in the historic Aragon Coffee building (c. 1904) in Richmond’s Manchester district and moved across the city to Summit Stables in Scott’s Addition in the fall of 2016.

Summit Stables was originally built in the 1940s as a project under the Works Progress Administration to house the mules, carts, and supplies of the Richmond Public Works Department. Before the move, Blue Bee oversaw extensive renovation and historic rehabilitation to the Stables property to create a full-fledged cider production and tasting facility.

Our Story

Blue Bee Cider produces artisanal ciders from heirloom Virginia apples on a seasonal basis. We infuse some of our ciders with ingredients like raspberries and blackberries from Agriberry Farm in central Virginia and hops from Colorado. Our ciders range from bone-dry to semi-sweet, and most are semi-sparkling.

We also offer two reserve dessert ciders with a custom brandy distilled from our cider by Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. in Purcellville, Virginia. Brandy is barrel-aged for six months and blended with cider to create Harvest RationFirecracker features unaged brandy and baby ginger from Casselmonte Farm in Powhatan County.

Meet Our Team

When you come to visit, you have a good chance of meeting the owner or a family member who wants to spread the joy of our craft. Learn more about Team Blue Bee.

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The Blue Bee Cider Experience

We are committed to creating locally-grown, balanced ciders true to their Virginia culinary and agricultural heritage. We respect – but also challenge – traditions of the craft, uniting past and present to create an experience where all are welcome.

What’s in a name?
A common name for one of Virginia’s native bees, osmia lignaria, or the Blue Orchard Bee, provided the inspiration for our cidery’s name. These hardworking bees are solitary and wild, emerging early in the cool spring just in time to pollinate apple blossoms.

Giving Back

Blue Bee Cider partners with local nonprofits that focus on urban agriculture, horticulture, and community development in our immediate neighborhood. To submit a request for sponsorship or a donation, please review our guidelines.


Interested in getting involved at Blue Bee Cider? We have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year and welcome you to join us! Contact to be added to our volunteer mailing list and learn about opportunities as they arise.