Our Ciders

The Cellar Team at work. (Photos: Stephen Voss)

At Blue Bee Cider, we create balanced ciders true to their Virginia roots from a culinary perspective and true to the fruit from a cidermaking one. Each apple variety ferments differently, creating its own flavors which vary year to year depending on weather conditions. Blue Bee Ciders are never chapitalized (it’s so sunny in the South, who needs to add sugar?) and never watered down. We use raw juice and ferment it straight off the press.

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Looking for Small-Batch Ciders?

Charred Ordinary Blue Bee Cider

Charred Ordinary

A dry, old-fashioned cider that pairs well with salty hams and traditional Virginia fare.


Aragon 1904

A blend of modern and heirloom apples to create a light, crisp, off-dry cider.

Hopsap Shandy

Hopsap Shandy

Infused with hops, this is a traditional cider with a modern twist.

Mill Race Bramble

Mill Race Bramble

A seasonal cider infused with raspberries and blackberries.



Rocky Ridge Reserve

A seasonal blend of small cider lots, aged in fruit brandy barrels.



A limited-edition dessert cider made with ginger-infused eau de vie.


Harvest Ration

Our premier dessert cider, seasonally made from bittersweet apples.

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